How to Tell the Difference Between a Cold and an Allergy

Can you tell the difference between a cold and an allergy?  Cold symptoms are very similar to sinus allergy symptoms.  Both involve a runny nose, watery eyes, cough, nasal congestion, and sneezing.  It’s tough to tell the difference.  But there are 10 telltale signs that you have an allergy and not a cold.  And by the way, kids with sinus and respiratory allergies are much more prone to ear infections, asthma, and sinus infections.

8 Reasons to Feel Confident about Choosing St. Louis Allergy Relief Center

If you are considering St. Louis Allergy Relief Center then this video is what you need to see.  Dr. Ian Wahl reviews eight reasons why you can feel confident about your, or your child’s, experience at the clinic.  St. Louis Allergy Relief Center provides holistic and natural treatments for allergies and asthma sufferers.  The treatments are painless.  They are non-invasive and gentle enough for infants and seniors. No shots. No needles. No drugs. No herbal supplements. No avoidance. Just results for the vast majority of people suffering from seasonal allergies, pet allergies, food sensitivities, stomach and intestinal problems, and even issues with barometric pressure changes or motion sickness.

Video Introduction to St. Louis Allergy Relief Center

Intro Video to St. Louis Allergy Relief Center

This is just a short intro about who we are and why we are opening up our second location in the St. Louis area.  Dr. Ian Wahl talks about his background and why he and his wife Beverly Wahl specialize in treating allergies and asthma using AAT or Advanced Allergy Therapeutics.  He discusses the personal experience he and his wife had dealing with their own children’s allergies, asthma, anaphylaxis, and Celiac Disease.

Some Background About Us

My name is Dr. Ian Wahl and I’m the founder and Medical Director of the St. Louis Allergy Relief Center as well as the Midwest Allergy Relief Center which is one of the Wahls of Wellness clinics located in the Chicago suburbs.

This is just a short intro about who we are and why we are opening up our second location right here in the St. Louis area. 

A bit of background about me:  I was born and raised in Tennessee.  I am an alumni of both Washington University and St. Louis University as well as having completed further post-graduate work at the College of Oriental Medicine.  I am also blessed to work with my wife, Beverly, who manages the offices and is also the patient coordinator.

Although I started practicing in the 1970’s, I now specialize in the natural treatment of allergies and asthma.  About 10 years ago, I was introduced to Advanced Allergy Therapeutics or AAT.  Today, our allergy practice sees over 5700 patient visits a year just in our Illinois office. 

Beverly and I have extensive personal experience dealing with allergies.  Our oldest son, Todd, suffered with asthma as a child.  So we understand firsthand the fears and difficulties, and the in’s and out’s, of dealing with asthma. 

We also understand firsthand about food allergies and sensitivities as well as autoimmune diseases.  Our daughter, Pamela, was diagnosed with Celiac Disease almost 20 years ago.  And she was also anaphylactic to seafood.

Although Celiac Disease is not a food allergy and therefore we cannot treat it, everyone who has Celiac Disease will also develop some food allergies and sensitivities, and those we do successfully treat.

To make our family even more interesting, our other son, Aaron, who is a Chiropractor here in Chesterfield, also had food allergies as a child. (Now, I will blatantly and shamelessly mention you can check out his website at

Beverly and I became experts in understanding and dealing with allergies, asthma, autoimmune diseases, Celiac Disease, food sensitivities and anaphylaxis. 

By the way, for decades, Beverly suffered with chronic migraines triggered by changes in barometric pressure—until we treated her for barometric pressure changes.

I guess you can now see why we specialize in treating allergies and other sensitivities and have such a passion for helping people.

Our treatments are holistic.  They are all natural.  We offer a safe and effective alternative to traditional allergy treatments. 

Our techniques are painless.  They are non-invasive.  We use no shots.  No needles.  No drugs.  No supplements.  No avoidance.  Just relief for the majority of people suffering from allergies and sensitivities.

And our treatments are gentle enough for use on infants and seniors. Actually, half of our practice is pediatric.

Are you wondering why my wife and I—who are both in our 60’s—want to open an office in the St. Louis area when we are so successful in the Chicago-area?  

The answer is simple.  As I wrote in the first blog post on this website, it is because most of our family, including our children and grandchildren, live in or around Chesterfield and Creve Coeur.  And we want to be near them and see them more often.

Regardless of whether we’re on Medicare, Beverly and I feel, act, and believe we are still young!  We are not ready to retire. 

Besides, we really love what we do.  We have seen lives changed in astounding ways.  Even the testimonials on our website are just a small sample of the successes we have been privileged to witness.

So, if you or a family member is suffering with allergies and sensitivities—whether it’s from seasonal hay fever or from pet dander or dust; or even eczema or heartburn or IBS-like symptoms—and you’re not getting the relief you want from your current treatments—or the avoidance of foods your sensitive to isn’t really working for you—or you’re just concerned about the drugs or other medications you’re using…then give us a call at 314 384-9304 and talk to Beverly to schedule an appointment.  It may be the most life-changing call you’ll make.

And be sure to check back on these blog pages to see what informational articles or videos I will be posting in the future.

Thank you for reading our blog articles and watching the videos we will be posting.

Both Beverly and I wish you a wonderful and healthy life.